Eff Yo House: Philadelphia Eagles Will Not Be Attending 1600 STFU Ave To Celebrate Super Bowl Victory

Philadelphia Eagles White House Visit “Cancelled”

The Philadelphia Eagles are likely still basking in the glow of their unlikely Super Bowl win, but they will not be celebrating their win with America’s Cheeto dust POTUS.

The team was initially scheduled to make the traditional appearance at The White House today, but ain’t nobody trying to share air with Donald Trump. At least the prominent players weren’t, especially in the wake of the NFL’s new National Anthem policy which is essentially a reaction to Trump’s rebuke of Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling.

Per ususal, the brat-b!tc#-in-chief hopped his safety cone-colored azz on Twitter to announce that he had “cancelled” the Eagles’ visit.

We hope the NFL feels EXTRA stupid for their dumba$$ policy while Trump is still excoriating them for their racist “happy medium”.

Again, this clown is trying to cancel something that no one wanted to attend anyway.

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